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Gray Legal Group Family Law Greensboro Charlotte Divorce Estate Power of Attorney

Family Law in Greensboro and Charlotte NC

We provide our clients with the ability to handle their divorce in an economical and amicable manner in Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, and the Triad.

Family Law
Gray Legal Group Divorce Attorney Greensboro Charlotte NC

Simple Divorce Attorney
Located in Greensboro and Charlotte, NC


Under NC law, to acquire a legal divorce, parties, couples, spouses, etc. must be separated for over a year. We know the dissolution of marriage can be a stressful and complicated time in someone's life. Therefore, we provide our clients with the ability to handle their divorce in an economical and amicable manner in Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, and the Triad.

Please note Gray Legal Group we do not handle custody, child support, or contested divorces. Our office only handles simple (consent) divorces. The benefit of parties consenting, is that our Attorneys can quickly and smoothly expedite the divorce process and in many cases can allow the parties to avoid coming to Court altogether. 

Divorce & Child Custody
Gray Legal Group Estate Planning Greensboro Charlotte NC Attorney

Estate Planning Services 


Estate Planning is the procedure where a valued asset or possession such as real estate, gold, or material wealth is distributed to other members of the deceased owner’s legal authorization. The person who passes on must make sure to create proper documentation and list out the names of the people (s)he wants the wealth to go to. Otherwise, it becomes a tiresome legal battle, and in many cases, tears apart the family unit.


Please note, that Gray Legal Group does not handle complicated Estate matters. Our Estate services are limited to assisting individuals or families in getting what is called "Letters of Administration". The Letters of Admin. are essential for any person seeking to inquire, manage, or close the personal and business matters of a loved one.

For Letters of Administration, our office handles these on a flat fee basis.

Estate Planning
Gray Legal Group Last Will & Testament Greenboro Charlotte NC Attorney

Leave A Lasting Legacy


One of the best ways to make certain that your best interests and assets are protected is with a will and testament. Essentially, this is a legal document that explains your wishes, is read by a court, and ensures that your final desires are followed through. In addition to naming your wishes, your will and testament should also name an executor, establish who your children's guardians will be, decide how your debts and taxes will be paid, and even illustrate how your pets will be cared for and by whom. 


Our office quickly and efficiently prepares Wills for our clients. Please note, that we do not handle any contested Will hearings, probate actions, etc. We only prepare and notarize Simple Wills for those in North Carolina.

Last Will & Testament
Gray Legal Group Power of Attorney Greensboro Charlotte NC Lawyer

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer


This is essentially a legal document that you can use to give someone else the authority to take specific actions on your behalf.


There are two main types of powers of attorney. As mentioned above, a financial power of attorney is the first, and a health care power of attorney is the second. Preparing these two documents with the assistance of a lawyer in addition to a living will ensure that your best interests for both your finances and health stay in the hands of people you trust. Call 336-691-9200 now to speak with an estate planning lawyer.

Power of Attorney
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