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Notable Cases

Gray Legal Group

At Gray Legal Group, we live by our motto: "We treat clients like family." Since 2018, our firm has settled cases with an unwavering commitment to your rights and extensive legal expertise. We've achieved remarkable results, including our largest case settlement of $3,250,000.


But our legacy doesn't end there. Dive into our portfolio of notable case studies and discover why Gray Legal Group is the family you want in your corner.









Cars on the Road

 Wrongful Death 


  • A 21-year old female who was on the side of the highway in an inoperable vehicle was waiting for roadside assistance, when an oil-tanker vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed ran completely over her vehicle with her inside.

  • The victim eventually succumbed to her injuries a few days later.

  • What added to this tragedy was that her child, who fortunately was not with her at the time of the accident, was just 3 years old at the time. The young mother had expressed to everyone that her child was the shining light of her life. It is truly a tragedy she was unable to be the mother she was so eager to be.

 Wrongful Death 


  • A 21-year old male was residing in an apartment complex in Winston-Salem, NC. In the early hours of the morning, while our client along with his 18-year old girlfriend and 8-month old infant son, were involved in an apartment fire.

  • Inexplicably, the smoke detectors did not operate and resulted in the family not being alerted to the fire until it was too late. 

  • As a result of this fire, the Winston-Salem Fire Department began instituting completely new fire safety inspections and guidelines to prevent something like this from happening in the future. 

  • While we only represented 1 of the victims, it was a total of 3 people killed. A 21-year old, an 18-year old, and an 8-month old infant.


 Automobile Accident 


  • A 50-year old male was traveling home and was T-Boned on the driver’s side of his car by a commercial vehicle which pinned him to the car and knocked him unconscious.

  • As a result of the accident, our client suffered severe injuries to his hip, pelvis and ribs, underwent multiple surgical procedures to repair his injuries and was unable to perform his same duties as were originally assigned to him in his job description. 

  • Due to the severity of his injury our client had to relearn to walk and required speech therapy. 

 Automobile Accident  


  • A 26-year old male was a passenger on a party bus during a night out with friends. The party bus had been scheduled to drop off the group at the hotel, where instead later in the night, the bus driver pulled over to the side of the highway and demanded the group exit the bus. 

  • Our client was left as a pedestrian on the side of Highway 147 North, late in the night. Minutes after the drop off, a vehicle traveling on the highway struck our client, where he suffered serious injuries. 

  • Had our client known of the uncertainty of the arrival, he would not have agreed to utilizing the party bus as transportation after being assured of the safety of the bus and the final destinationfor the groups outing. 


 Wrongful Death 


  • A 37-year old mother and her two daughters were parked alongside of US-421 due to a mechanical failure in their vehicle. As our client was sitting in her car with both her daughters, a separate vehicle merging onto the highway struck their stationed vehicle causing our clients vehicle to burst into flames. Following the first strike, another vehicle attempting to avoid the collision veered off the road and struck our client and her daughters a second time. 

  • Our client, a young mother to three children, and her two young daughters ages 8 and 15 were pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident, leaving behind her eldest daughter. 

 Wrongful Death 


  • A 30-year old female had come to a stop at an intersection on US-70 when she was rear-ended by a pickup truck traveling at a high-rate speed. Facing such an intense hit, our client’s vehicle was pushed into the center lane into oncoming traffic. Our client was then struck head on by a second truck.

  • Following the two strikes to her vehicle, our client was pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident. 

  • She is grieved immensely by her loved ones who are still at a loss for words by this traumatic and unforgettable day to them all. 

Moving Truck_edited.jpg

 Automobile Accident 


  • While driving his work truck, a 54-year old male was rear ended at a stop sign by another driver’s work truck. Although suffering minimal property damage to the vehicle, our client’s sustained injuries created an inability to continue to work where he suffered a substantial loss of earnings. 

  • Despite facing the challenges of low property damage amounts and a preexisting medical condition prior to the accident, the matter for our client was settled for a substantial amount and recognized by NC Lawyers Weekly for its immense success despite its challenges.

 Automobile Accident 


  • A 65-year-old woman was injured as a result of an automobile collision in Greensboro, NC.

  • Her primary complaint was injury to her right wrist and arm, which required surgery to correct the fractured bones.

  • After months of treatment and therapy, she was able to resume the use of her right arm and wrist. The settlement awarded covered her injuries and pain & suffering.

Car Dashboard

 Automobile Accident  


 Workers Compensation  


  • A 59-year old male was traveling down the road in his work vehicle when another driver who failed to yield to our clients right of way, pulled out directly in front of him and struck our client. 

  • Due to the accident, our client suffered substantial injuries to his neck and spine which forced him out of work for three months due to upcoming treatments and surgery. 

  • Our client was awarded damages for the sustained injuries during his automobile accident and awarded workers compensation.


 Automobile Accident 


  • A 77-year old female was traveling down RP-1121 when another vehicle who was stopped at a stop sign failed to yield to the right of way while attempting to cross the road when she then pulled out directly in front of our client’s vehicle. 

  • Due to the accident, our client suffered severe injuries to her spinal cord and a broken leg. 

 Wrongful Death 


  • Back in 2016, two pedestrians, a 26-year old male and a 28-year old male were struck on NC-210 by a vehicle traveling down the highway and were later both pronounced deceased. 

  • Both mothers of the two pedestrians struggled to find legal counsel in their efforts to handle the case on their own.

  • With dismissal of both claims approaching rapidly, our team stepped in and won each mother a settlement for the tragic loss of their sons. 


 Automobile Accident 


  • A 47-year old female suffered tremendous injuries as the driver in a car accident at an intersection in Rowan County, NC.

  • The intensity of the accident left our client with broken bones, substantial damage to her hands, wrists and chest, leading her to receive multiple corrective surgeries to repair the injuries. 

  • Despite facing insurance policy limits our firm was able to award our client with a substantial settlement amount to cover her costs and damages after her accident.

Image by Clark Van Der Beken

 Wrongful Death 


  • A 33-year old female was a passenger of a vehicle that lost control at an intersection while traveling at a high-rate speed.

  • The vehicle went off the road and crashed, igniting into flames where our client suffered extreme injuries and was consequently pronounced deceased. 

  • Our client was survived by her two children, and while facing insurance policy limits her claim prevailed and her children were each awarded a substantial portion of her settlement. 


 Workers Compensation 


  • A 38-year old male faced substantial injuries to his feet while working in construction when a ladder broke from underneath him causing him to fall to the ground.

  • Our client suffered a broken ankle as a result of his fall, and surgery was required for the broken bones.

  • After dedicating years to his career and facing such an immense accident in his workplace, he is now forced to change careers due to his new body restrictions and inability to perform the same tasks at his previous job.  

 Automobile Accident 


  • A 53-year old male was traveling down NC 61 with his wife when another driver who had been uninsured, failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with another vehicle on the road which then struck our client’s vehicle head on. 

  • Our client and his wife both suffered numerous injuries along with a required knee surgery taking him out of work and placing new restrictions on his ability to perform similar work tasks in his future career.


 Personal Injury 


  • An 11-year old female was attending her middle school cheer practice when she was dropped during a stunt group set as her coach left her group unsupervised in the absence of proper safety equipment to go assist other members of the team.

  • Our client was dropped on the head where she faced numerous injuries to her teeth, lips, and mouth leaving her with broken teeth and required stitches to the face.

  • Our client received a substantial settlement to cover the costs of her medical bills and any foreseeable costs to the long-lasting effects of her injury. 

 Automobile Accident 


  • A 23-year old female was involved in an automobile accident where the front of her vehicle was hit, and she  immediately suffered fractures to her spine and wrist as a result.

  • Our client faced numerous treatments to mitigate her injuries and was awarded a settlement to cover her treatment costs and any future costs that she may sustain as a result of her automobile accident injuries.

First Aid Kit_edited.jpg

 Automobile Accident 


  • An 81-year old female and her husband suffered injury as a passengers when their vehicle was rear ended. 

  • Facing injuries to their back and neck and seeking numerous types of treatments our client was awarded a settlement to help mitigate her costs from the injury and any foreseeable future costs. 

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