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 Attorney Mark Gray, II Gives Back to Greensboro and Charlotte NC

Gray Legal Grop Community Donation
Gray Legal Group Community Food Donation



At Gray Legal Group, we pride ourselves on taking an active role in the Greensboro, NC, & Triad community as well as participating in various legal events and conferences throughout the year.


Please take some time to see how Gray Legal Group is doing our part to ensure we look out for the community that supports us.

$1,750 donated to three schools including 1st prize, Mendenhall Middle School

1,500 lbs. of food

donated to Greensboro Urban Ministry

Participates in various legal events and conferences every year


Gray Legal Group teamed up with the Greensboro Swarm to celebrate the youth in the Triad community. Gray Legal Group had youth participants from the Greensboro's Boys & Girls Club and Chosen Productions, all come together for free prizes, performances and most importantly, to witness the importance of sportsmanship on the court!

Gray Legal Group Greensboro Swarm Boys & Girls Club

Have you seen our billboards around Greensboro or Charlotte, NC?

Gray Legal Group has recently kicked off community awareness and branding, as you can see from our billboards. In the next coming months, we will begin hosting more events to show support for the community who has supported us.

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